Frequently asked questions

What is Pretirement?

Delaying, or prematurely exiting, a full time career in exchange for pursuing personally meaningful goals, passions or ambitions.

Why Travel?

We love traveling because it pushes us out of our comfort zones every single day! We also learn so much more about history, religion, current events, nature & geography than we ever did in school. Our favorite thing about traveling though is that we are making so many memories together.

How do you afford to do what you do?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. The most important factor is we travel cheap. We wrote an entire post about it. We also make lots of sacrifices. We are very frugal. While at home we take any chance to make a little extra money - Allie babysits & Colemen drives for Uber. During the summer we take a break from traveling & get seasonal jobs, save everything & then spend it all on traveling. We aren’t trust fund kids and we don’t have sponsors.

When Will you Stop Traveling?

People ask us all the time “so when are you going to stop & get real jobs?” We want to travel our entire lives. We will slow down in a few years, maybe once our kids are in school but, we don’t ever plan on having typical 9-5 jobs.

where do you find your flight deals?

We are subscribers to Pomelo Travel which is a company that is always searching for deals & emails you when they find them. Our subscription paid for itself within the first week. We also follow instagram accounts that post flight deals (@flightsfromhome & @slcflights). We also do it the old fashion way and use Google flights, Kayak & Skyscanner. Here is a link to a post we wrote about how we fly for free!

what is your favorite country?

This answer is easy & always the same - The United States. The US is the most beautiful & diverse place that we have have traveled to. We have traveled to over 30 states & 75 National Park Sites & we are always in awe of the beauty that we see. But if you don’t like that answer some of our very favorite places are… Canada, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, Egypt, Mexico, Iceland, Norway, Vietnam, Indonesia, Belize & Peru.

what is your least favorite place?

We have liked every country we have visited but have disliked a lot of the big dirty cities in them. Some of our least favorites are Belize City, Amman, Zagreb, Bishkek & Bangkok.

what is the most expensive place you’ve been?

We have never been anywhere that was too expensive for us to manage so don’t let this deter you. Norway, Iceland, Denmark, New Zealand, Macau, Singapore, Jordan, U.A.E., Switzerland & Costa Rica.

what are some of the cheapest places you’ve been?

Egypt, Peru, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Belize, Portugal, Cambodia, Kazakstan & Kyrgyzstan.

where have you had the best food?

New York City, Hawaii, Bali, London, Paris, Italy & Vietnam.

what’s THe craziest thing you’ve eaten?

Since we have been following a plant based diet for the last few years we haven’t eaten too many crazy things - fruit & veggies don’t get too crazy. Back when we ate meat we tried Guinea Pig, Alpaca, Horse, Llama, Balut (developing duck embryo), Snail & that’s about it.

is it hard being plant based while traveling?

No, it’s not hard…yet at least. We have only been to 60 countries so some places might be hard in the future. We have never gone hungry and can always find something to eat. Everyone eats vegetables & grains, no one has given us a really hard time when we have asked for no animal products.

do you get sick of each other?

No, we actually argue & get more annoyed with each other when we are at home. We have learned to get over things more quickly since we are our only travel companion & if we are angry & ignoring one another we don’t have anyone else to talk to. Occasionally if we are getting bugged we will say “I need some alone time” & we will put our headphones in until we have cooled down a bit.

what happens when you get sick while traveling?

We have never had a food borne illness while traveling, most likely since we don’t eat any animal products. We also don’t eat leafy greens, uncooked veggies or fruit without a rind or peel when we are in 3rd world countries.

what is one of your worst travel experiences?

We are extremely lucky & have never been robbed or been in a scary situation. We have been pulled over a few times & had to give cops bribes but we feel lucky that that is the worst thing that has happened to us.

what is your favorite travel memory?

Colemen’s favorite is driving from SLC, Utah to Cabo San Lucas Mexico. We drove down over Christmas break. We listened to The Harry Potter audio books, slept on the beaches in the back of our truck & swam in the ocean every day.

Allie’s favorite is going to Kauai for our honeymoon. It wasn’t luxurious. We hiked The Kalalau Trail & camped on beaches the whole time. Allie had 3rd degree sunburn all over her back, we had blisters, we had mosquito bites, Colemen twisted his ankle, Allie burnt her leg on our camping stove & we were on the verge of getting swamp foot but we had so much fun & we always look back on that trip & laugh.

what’s the hardest thing about long term travel?

We miss the comforts of home. We miss sleeping in our own bed & using our clean warm shower. We also miss not having to go, go, go every day. Travel is not a vacation for us, it is a lot of work & we love coming home for our summer vacation & winter break to just be at home & have some consistency again.

would you ever want to move out of the country?

No, We love how big & open North America is & always want to stay here. We plan on converting a van into a camper in the near future & driving from Alaska down through Mexico & seeing everything this continent has to offer.

What is one place you haven’t been yet but want to go?

Antarctica is number one on both of our lists. We also really want to go to Greenland & Patagonia.